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Hockey School Testimonies

Mr.. Skinner,
I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you guys put on a great camp. Last night at the placement evaluations my son Luca, tried a few of the new moves he has learned at your camp and several parents came up to ask me if he did them on purpose, they said they had never seen a mite pull off any of those moves before.

Thanks again,
Mike Fuller


Just wanted to thank you for your great class in Berkeley a few weeks ago. My son took your stickhandling/shooting squirt class and scored three goals in a tough game that week end. One of them was his first “One-timer” he learned from you. We’ll definitely do it again!

Thanks again,
Lisa barbier

Hello Sean,

A few years ago our son Dalton attended his first hockey camp, which happened to be yours. It truly set the "bar", so to speak and gave us (as parents) the knowledge to compare a good camp Vs an OK one! We look forward to having Dalton sign up for your camp at Holly Dell….We are thinking about signing him up for the camp session a month later, as well...

Thank you,

Bob and Gail Bew

Dear Sean,

Thanks for the great camp that you held for most of our team(the Littleton Bantam AA 2 Hawks). I enjoyed it very much and so did my teammates. I most liked learning how to put quick moves on the goalie and many dekes. The drills that we worked on were fun and helped me with my stickhandling. I have already started to use the moves you taught us during the camp. I especially like the one where you bring the puck through your legs and back to the front – along with putting the stick between the legs and then shooting the puck into the net. It’s too bad that there wasn’t a third session for us because I wanted to work on some more moves with the goalie. Well, I just wanted to say thanks for two great days and I hope to see you more during the rest of the season.

Your friend,
Brandon Sampson


I have a prep school question…Notre Dame or Shattuck St. Marys. Lee has participated in your program for several years, he was fortunate to be drafted by Kamloops Blazers this year. You have helped Lee develop to current level. To best prepare him for Jrs. we have the option of Lee going to either schools...which would you recommend and why?


Steve Patzer

Hi Coach,
…Ihave all your videos and I watch them daily….A lot of my success this season came from your tapes and the clinic that I took with you. I have worked real hard on all my moves and drills tha you taught in the camp and on the videos; and I have mastered most of the moves. My greatest accomplishment was mastering the Skin Move. It is by far my favorite move; it still needs some work bi I have used it in a few games successfully. It’s a lot of fun to watch people’s eyes pop out of their heads when they see the Skin move in a game after they all said that trying a move like that in a game will get you killed…. At least once a game I skate through the entire opposing team using your moves.
I would just like to thank you for helping me to bring my game to such a high level; also, my brother an I are advertising for you as naturally when people see moves like the Skin move or the Pull-in move…they want to know where I learned them. We are giving out you web page URL to everybody that askes and also highly recommending that they try your camp.
Any way thanks a lot, I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Thank you,

Kevin “The little Rocket” Vaks




My son Matt Walters was in your checking class over the weekend. His going to be a second year squirt this coming season. This clinic was exactly what he needed. Even though he was one of the smaller kids in the class, he had a great time. He is a little sore this morning, but still has a smile on his face.

I thought you and your staff did an excellent job. Your entire staff was very positive and encouraging. Great Job!

Thanks again, Bill Walters


Hey Sean.

We are from Edmonton, Alberta and my son Colten attended your school last August in Colorado Springs ... and may I add - he absolutely loved it. Anyway, we are going to try and attend again this summer in Colorado Springs...

Thanks, and hopefully we'll see you again in August.

Darren Mayor

To Coach Skinner:

This is Michael Forney of the Alaska All-Stars sending you a letter for all of the help you have given me. Since your camp my skills have greatly improved in stickhandling and deking. I feel that you have put me up to the next level with your camp and I can’t thank you enough. I hope I get to do your camp again sometime in the near future and thank you again.

Michael Forney

Dear Coach Skinner,

I would personally like to thank you for the time you spent with us. I improved on many things such as dribbling, head fakes, Pull-in moves, and body checking. I really hope that I will see you again in the coming years. On thing that I really enjoyed in your camp was the amount of repetition. Also, I enjoyed the moves and hope to watch you videos to learn moves that are more advanced. Once again, I would like to that you for the time and effort you put into this to make it a good experience.


Eric Vilce


Hello Sean,

Thanks for a great camp. The boys loved it… Andy's defensive skills are much better than his offensive skills. This is largely due to your camp. He said his coach may make him play defense this year.

Thanks again,

Ted, Andy, and Nicky

Hi Sean,

My son Mitchell learned so much and had such a great experience at your Berkeley Clinic this week that he was hoping to be able to attend next week as well. If there is any chance he can get in, we'd be thrilled!

Thanks very much!
Jeanine Landsinger


My son Andre went to your stickhandling school last year in Troy, MI and really made good strides this season because of your coaching techniques and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to working with you again….

Thanks again,

Deb Rakas


Gentemen(Angelo and Sean),

I just wanted to drop you a letter thanking you for putting on an excellent two day checking clinic, session 37, at Family Sports two weeks ago. We were very impressed with the professionalism and the quality of the instruction, and most importantly with the enthusiasm you instilled in the children.

…All of your on-ice coaches were friendly and helpful, but stern when required. It was especially impressive to see Angelo so involved with all of the kids, which served as a real morale booster for both boys.

…As parents we all agree that in just two days and six hours our children were exposed to more new training techniques and were forced to function at an intensity level that none of us experienced all of last season! Needless to say we will be considering our options for the upcoming season.

Enclosed in this letter is application and payment for the Stickhandling and Powerskating School, Session 2 – June 3-7. I want to point out that Kyle specifically requested to come to this camp session, the highest compliment I think any staff can be paid. I have also signed up both of my sons for the Skate into Shape sessions in August.

….I am constantly in communication with our parents about camps and other opportunities and I have no reservations about enthusiastically recommending your camps.

Once again I thank you for the great checking clinic! If you end up with any openings in the checking clinic, number 39, in August, please let me know as Kyle would love to repeat that clinic before the tryout season starts!

Respectfully, Keith Roath