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Box Hockey
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BOX HOCKEY brings the Thrill & Excitement of real hockey 
right into your living room, patio, game room or anywhere 
you want to experience The Most Fun you've ever had.

BOX HOCKEY is an indoor/outdoor variation of hockey 
that is guaranteed to be the hit at every party, BBQ, family get-together or wherever it's played.

You name it -  birthday parties,  tailgate parties,  picnics, 
camping, school/park playgrounds, recreation centers, P.E. classes, before games, after games....

- whenever & wherever you want to have a ton of fun -

BOX HOCKEY Scores! making most other games like foosball and air-hockey seem boring...

 ...Foosball, Air hockey, Pool & Ping Pong......."Move Over!


BOX HOCKEY®- The Ultimate Hockey Game

…It’s Hockey - "Anytime….Anywhere…"

   Never before have so many good things been packed into one box....
…Tons of fun, hours of excitement, gut splitting laughter, fast action, intense competition, great skill building for stick handling, an incredible workout system that builds upper body strength, forearms & wrists, cardiovascular and more. BOX HOCKEY
®is an exhilarating indoor/outdoor portable one-on-one hockey game that’s played by kids and adults. The game has an instant appeal; not only to kids and families, but is also taking off like wild fire within the hockey communities. 

   Debuted at recent trade shows in Las Vegas, the Let’s Play Hockey Expo and the sporting good industry’s largest show, The Super Show, as well as The Canadian Hockey Show; BOX HOCKEY®was by far one of the most exciting products and attention grabbers at the shows this year, attracting interest from several pro teams, major retailers and sporting good chains, and professional hockey trainers to name a few. 

   One of the most fun and gratifying parts of the shows was seeing the game being played by past professional hockey players along with everyone else and seeing the level of intensity and fun they were having. Mike Hartman of the NY Rangers and Hall of Fame player Borje Salming from the Toronto Maple Leafs were just a couple that mixed up some fierce competition. It was great! and the overall response from everyone else at the shows, kids & adults alike, was phenomenal. The US HOCKEY HALL OF FAME purchased one to have at their facility for the kids & families in their interactive zone. Having the game in the Hockey Hall of Fame is quite a compliment and testimony of the quality of the game as well as the fun and excitement it’s guaranteed to provide with the feel of pure 1-on-1 hockey competition. 

   BOX HOCKEY®consists of a virtually indestructible rectangular box made from a high impact polypropylene with a synthetic-ice playing surface made from a high density polyethylene. The unique design of the game allows it to set up quickly and easily and can be played in areas of limited space. Players face off across from each other using real hockey sticks with shortened blades and fight for control of the puck through the 4 sections of the 6’x3’ playing field until a goal is scored. The puck has a low friction design that allows it glide better than if it was on ice.  

   The action is fast paced and definitely creates an atmosphere of excitement and high energy. The game will prove to be a hit amongst young players and parents taking it on the road and playing between tournament games and playing it in their hotel rooms instead of the infamous "hall hockey" which has haunted many a parent and coach from the calls for hotel security. 

   It also comes highly recommended from professional trainers as an excellent tool for stick handling training as well as for cardiovascular workout and a strength builder for the upper body, forearms, and wrists.

   Well known stick-handling trainer, Sean Skinner, with Skinner Hockey (, who puts on clinics all over the world had this tosay about the game, "…..Box hockey has to be one of the best stick-handling training tools available today. First it develops hand eye-coordination. It helps the player learn quick hands for digging the puck out of the corners or in tight situations and it teaches the player about being strong on their stick. Players learn real quick that they have to lower their bottom hand to be stronger when battling for the puck. The most important thing of all about box hockey is that it is a game! Players will play for hours just because they are having fun. The whole time they are playing the game they are actually developing hockey specific skills and coordination. I have used BOX HOCKEY®within a team to set-up tournaments which has increased the competitive nature of a team and individual players. Every team should use this hockey tool even NHL teams because players have a blast!"

   Whether it’s within the hockey community or just for fun and recreation at home with the family, BOX HOCKEY®definitely scores big providing what  everyone wants.....a quality built product that’s easy to play and provides unlimited fun and excitement for everybody.

           Dimensions Set Up:   3' x 6' x 6" High Walls

Dimensions disassembled in box or hockey bag: 48" x 12" x 6" or  48" x 21" x 3"

Weight:      24lbs (may ship at 30 lb weight class & oversize 1)

Made from High Impact Polypropylene - Virtually Indestructible
Lightweight thick Gauge T-6 Aluminum Alloy Sticks
Playing surface is a Detachable and Roll-able sheet of High Density Polyethylene

Game set includes: 

 (1) High Impact Game Box made up of 9 interlocking partitions;       
 (4) side-rails, (2) goal partitions, (2) 2-hole partitions and (1) 3-hole partition
 (1) Synthetic-Ice Bottom playing surface, (2) T-6 Aluminum alloy sticks, 
 (2) Snap-in nets, & (1) Low-friction puck as seen
 (1) Replacement set bonus pack [(2) nets,
 (2) blades, (1) puck

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