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Power Plug - Senior Right
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 THE POWER PLUG - Senior Right

Hockey with a New Handle.....

An Advance Ergonomic design to allow players to control the stick better.

* Teaches the proper grip on the stick.
* Feels more comfortable.
* With the Power Plug the stick will not slip out of your hand.
* No need for tap on the top of your stick.
* Improves the control or your stick and the
* Makes poke checking easier.
* Improves the strength and effective reach
   when extending the stick by reducing the
   flexion of the medial wrist ligaments.
* Three dimensional control of the stick with the
   rear hand increases strength in blade
   position while cupping the puck.
* Compound curved end protects forth and fifth digits from crushing injuries.
* The curved end prevents the stick from lying flat on the ice if dropped making it easier to    pick up the stick.
* Provides increased ability to flex the shaft against the ice on the slap shot.
* Rounded butt end provides more surface area to prevent injury.
* An excellent training aid for all players to increase stickhandling.


The Power Plug comes in a right and left side versions that are not interchangeable.

The Power Plug is designed to fit in the top hand glove and wrap around the back side of the palm slightly.

A natural extension of your hand.

Don't hold it like a cane inside your palm.  Let it brace the back of your palm while you hold the shaft.  It should feel very comfortable and the stick should not be able to slide out of your hand.


" may use me as a reference for the purposes of saying it is legal in the USA Hockey Games.  I only certify its legality."

-Bob Hayden, USA Hockey National Referee-in-Chief & Rules Committee Chairman

"After discussing the issue, and reviewing the NCAA ice hockey rule book, we have determined the your hockey stick handle is legal, as long as the measurement of the stick with the handle is within the dimensions as set forth in the NCAA rules."

-Steve Hagwell  NCAA Staff Liaison to the NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Rules Committee

Youth Teaching Aid

"When I first was the POWER PLUG, I was a little skeptical.  But after the first time I tried it, I have been using it ever since.  It gives you a better grip and makes  it easier to hold onto your stick.  I say to all haockey players, big or small, give the POWER Plug a try, you'll love it!"

-Coach Walt Podubny of Anchorage Aces former NHL Player & NHL All Star

The picture above is for a Left Handed player.

 THE POWER PLUG - Senior Right

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