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2003 Symposium Training Videos
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This 23 disk DVD series features 23 different lectures on hockey skating, hours of instructional training on hockey skating.

Presentators and lectures are as followed:

DVD 1 Sean Skinner: Introduction-Professional concerns-History of hockey skating-books, videos, journals

DVD 2 Robby Glantz: Stride Lengthening-common errors & ways to get coach put more skating in practice 

DVD 3 Sean Skinner: Four Part Model to Skating Speed

DVD 4 Steve Swanson from Frappier Acceleration sports training technology: applications to the skating athlete 

DVD 5 Sean Skinner Skill Progressions:  On-Ice Plyos

6 Steffany Hanlen Skill Progressions:  Tight Turns

7 Bjorn Kinding Skill Progressions:  Pivoting

8 Lorne Goldenberg Advanced Strength Training Strategies for Ice Hockey

9 Bjorn Kinding Generating Speed from the Start

10 Peter Twist Hockey-Specific Energetics

11 Frank Fedel Biomechanics of Ice verse Inline

12 Barb Aidelbaum Precise Skating Development & Analysis to play College, Jrs, or Pro Hockey

13 Marianne Watkins Survival Drills: Practical skating drills to survive in hockey

14 Laura Stamm Corners, Circles and Lateral Mobility – The Key is Crossovers

15 Peter Twist  Future Directions in Hockey-specific Conditioning

16 Wendy Marco Innovative Inspiration:  Using tools, games & tricks to conquer skating’s challenges

17 Steffany Hanlen 6 Signature Skating Mastery exercises for hockey players

18 Jack Blatherwick Age-dependent development of athleticism & Hockey Specific dryland training

19 Bonnie Blair               David Cruikshank Ultimate speed and efficiency; basic speedskating fundamentals & how they relate to hockey

20 Jason Bernick The Measure of True Success - Hockey Ministries International

21 Paul Vincent Agility & Balance in Small Spaces

22 Mike Bracko Biomechanics in Skating Instruction:  From science to practice

23 Sean Skinner Skating for Checking

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