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Int'l Hockey Skating Symposium 2005 DVDs
SYMP 2005
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This 21 disk DVD series features 23 different lectures on hockey skating, hours of instructional training on hockey skating.

Presentators and lectures are as followed:

DVD 1 Sean Skinner: Introduction - Welcome - Conclusion

DVD 2 Robby Glantz: Quick Stops and Explosive Starts

DVD 3 Peter Twist The 5 Pillars of Skilful Physical Development for Individual Tactics

DVD 4 Wendy Marco OFF THE HOOK!  Mastering Skills with Motivating Drills

DVD 5 Swanson/Lockwood The Frappier Acceleration Approach to Hockey Conditioning

DVD 6 Lorne Goldenberg The Science and Practicum of Metabolic Conditioning for Hockey

DVD 7 Barb Aidelbaum Skating Drills to Improve your 2-Way Game

DVD 8 Scott Livingston Specific Circuit Training for Skating

DVD 9 Marianne Watkins Raw Hockey–Real Skating “Everyday practice gets extraordinary results”

DVD 10 Eric Lawson Proper use of Training Paradigms

DVD 11 Clint Steele Off-Ice Training for On-Ice Speed

DVD 12 Steve Serdachny Dynamic Agilation

DVD 13 Hanlen/Hettinger The 3 Core Fundamentals that All Hockey Skating Skills and Drills are Built Upon

DVD 14 Peter Twist Balance Training

DVD 15 Peter Friesen Rotational Exercises to Improve Hockey Skills and Lessen Injuries

DVD 16 Jack Blatherwick A Dual Approach to Skating Development:On-ice and Off-ice Training are Synergistic

DVD 17 Alex Pirus Skating Your Way to Success - Testimony of a former NHL Pro

DVD 18 Todd Drevitch Drill Progressions (on and off the ice) for Quick Feet, Agility and Acceleration

DVD 19 Carrie Keil Biomechanics of the Forward Stride Recovery Phase

DVD 20 Susan Ellis Butts, Balls and Body Angles the Biomechanics of Skating

DVD 21 Michael Bracko Faster Hockey Players: Practical Application of Biomechanical Research

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