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The Halo
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Improve you shooting, Passing and stickhandling...

The Halo Teaches:

* Proper Wrist Shot
* Crisp Passing
* Muscle Memory
* Wicked Fast Hands

Works for inline, street and Ice Hockey!

Fits All Composite and Graphite Sticks!

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What Makes Halo A great training Aid?

By using the Halo with a street hockey ball it will allow any player to improve his or her skills and take their game to the next level.  Players can practice on any surface:  ice, inline, concrete, carpet, tile....ANYWHERE!

The Halo will help teach the proper shooting, passing and stickhandling moves and promote muscle memory so you'll see results in the game.

Product Details

A.  Fits any adult sized hockey stick.  For kids, simply cut the shaft down before
     inserting The Halo.

B.  Smooth dome shaped interior "Cradles" any street ball.

C.  Sturdy polymer construction wont crack or break after heavy use.

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