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The Variables Goal Training Model
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Variable Goals Training Model DVD



If you are looking for something FRESH, something NEW, something VERY EFFECTIVE in helping your players improve then you need to try this new type of training method.

This method has been tested for the last 8 years as a new and innovative way to challenge young hockey players to stimulate their read and react  skills and puckhandling creativity under authentic game-like conditions. This type of training is used to focus on the development of individual skills and so it is very different from habitual team training practices.

In this training model, multiple hockey goals are placed in different positions within the small areas of the ice in a way that challenges players to work on technique while giving them the options and the freedom to make creative decisions. The goals act like imaginary opponents that the player has to beat.

In traditional drills the coach tells the players exactly what to do, where to skate and when to make a pass. In our VGT training we always try to give playeers skating, deking or passing options, to make them develop their own decision making and judgement. Finally the best reason to try VGT training, is because players love the opportunity to compete, be creative and to improve their individual skills. Players watch each others techniques and quickly adopt what works and incorporate it into their own game. The drills provide an environment where players will stretch beyond their comfort zone. The drills are short of duration and high intensity which is very game like.


Heres what others are saying after this training method was shown at the USA Master Seminar in Rochester , NY.

Hello Coach Bukac.
Thank you for your presentation today at the USA Hockey National Coaching Symposium. It was far and away the best presentation that I enjoyed at the symposium. I am enamored of the multiple goal and variable training methods you presented.
Consequently, I would like to order the DVD you presented as soon as it is available. Even in raw form would be fine with me. Please let me know when it is available and how to order.
Thank you again.


Over 40 NHL players have used this system including Jaromir Jagr.


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