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Set of 4 Balls


European practice secret for over 50 years.  The Swedish stickhandling ball is the BEST tool that a player can use to develop soft, quick hands. Used by Swedish, Russian & Finnish players to develop stickhandling skills in a dryland training environment.  Ideal pre-game warm-up tool to stimulate the neurological motor system for quick hands.  Use this ball 10-15 minutes a day and you will see a dramatic improvement in the players ability to handle the puck.  Every player should carry one of these in their hockey bag for use before and after practice.  Don't be left without the training tool that is giving the other players the winning edge. 


Think of the Swedish Stickhandling ball as the 'Speed bag' of stickhandling training. Stickhandling is all about fast quick hands, rather than slow strong powerful movements.  When used in comparison with boxing, the Swedish Stickhandling Ball correlates to the speed bag, rather than the heavy body bag that is used for slow strength.  In order to develop fast hand movements, players need to practice moving their hand rapidly in quick movement patterns with this SPEED BALL.


The Swedish Stickhandling Ball trains the fast twitch muscle fibers for quick hand movements verses the slow twitch muscle fibers for strength.  All people are born with a certain makeup of muscle fiber types, but through proper fast training players can change the muscle fiber type up to 23%.  All players need ensure that they are using the correct ball when practicing so they do not develop slow-twitch muscle fibers.


 The Swedish Stickhandling Ball is the overspeed ball for ice hockey because it is lighter than the puck.  This ball moves faster than the puck on the ice, making this the BEST hockey practice ball in the world.  Do not get fooled by other balls that weigh the same as the puck, because the puck slides on the slippery ice and moves at a faster glide coefficient.  When a player uses a ball that weighs the same as the puck on any other surface, they are working  against this extra friction producing resistance.  This resistance is strength training not hand quickness.


The puck does not bounce unless it is dropped improperly.  Therefore, we do not want to use a ball that has bounce.  Players have been trying to find a ball that moves like the puck on the ice for quite some time.  So, when the N. American coaches learned about the Swedish Stickhandling Balls, and did not have access to them, they started to use a golf ball instead.  Many NHL and College player have no idea why they have been using the golf ball, and when they try the Swedish Stickhandling ball they love it because it doest not bounce like all other balls do. 


The history behind the Swedish Stickhandling ball. About 15 years ago North American hockey players started to copy the Swedish players who used wooden balls to practice their stickhandling. The North American players did not have access to the wooden balls so they began using golf balls instead. Many College and NHL Players who have been using a golf ball say that they prefer using the wooden balls because they do not bounce as much as the golf ball and you can shoot the wooden balls.

Other stickhandling balls may have the same weight as a puck but do not move at the same speeds as the puck on the ice because the ice is more slippery and has a faster glide coefficient.  When a player uses a ball that weighs the same as a puck on any other surface they are working against this resistance and it is considered strength training not hand quickness.  Thus balls that weigh the same as the puck are put in the resistance category and = slow strength.  A simple test is to try to move any ball fast back and forth across the body reaching wide quickly.  Most balls will stick to the surface and not fly quickly.  The wooden balls actually moves faster than the puck on the ice and is the best training ball to develop fast hands and quick wrists.

Set of 4 Balls - Special Edition...Colored...with Logo....and Autographed!!!

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Swedish Stickhandling Balls (4 pack)
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